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Craft winemaking is fun and gives you a great sense of pride, not to mention saving you around two-thirds of the cost of buying wine from the liquor store! With craft winemaking you use all the same materials a commercial winery uses, so for those that are not fortunate enough to own a winery, we bring the winery to you… in a box! 

We are called a craft winemaking store because you create your wine to your liking. Do you like it sweet or dry? No problem. Do you love or hate oak? Put it in, leave it out, it’s up to you! Do you like a spicy finish? No problem, we can help. Unsure how to answer these questions? Once again, no problem… we are there to help. 

No appointment necessary! The first step is choosing what style and quality of wine kit you would like to make. We can help with this, the hardest part of making wine. There are lots of options. By asking a few simple questions, our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through this selection process, ensuring you choose the wine that will best suit your tastes and needs. 

In about 10 minutes, once your wine kit is selected, you will begin the fermentation process by combining the ingredients, sprinkling the yeast and paying for your selection. You have no further obligations until your wine is ready to be bottled. We take care of all the “tending”, the heavy lifting, racking and filtering of your wine, and you return 4-8 weeks later to bottle your wine with our easy-to-use equipment. We will call you to set up an appointment once your wine is ready. When you return for your bottling experience, you’ll need to sanitize your bottles, fill & cork them. Applying custom labels and shrink caps will give your wine a professional appearance to complete the process. The bottling process takes about 30 minutes. 

To guarantee excellence, Alison and Paul are pleased to offer a complete line of kits from RJS Craft Winemaking, our main supplier. RJS Craft Winemaking is a division of Vincor Canada, which is owned by Constellation Brands- the number one producer and marketer of wine in the world. Vincor Canada is the largest producer and marketer of wine and related products in Canada. 

They have been helping winemakers perfect the art of winemaking for over 50 years. They start by visiting the world’s leading wine regions, where they select the very best grapes for their juice and concentrates. The Research and Development team craft distinctive wine kits with the perfect blend of varietals. The result is superior tasting wines our customers will savour and be proud to share with their family and friends.