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The Ultimate Backyard BBQ Wine Pairing Guide

The Ultimate Backyard BBQ Wine Pairing Guide

Barbecue season is upon us and we wanted to provide you with the ultimate backyard BBQ wine pairing guide for you to use when searching for pairing recommendations! Which pairing will you try first?


For Grilled Veggies

Most Veggies: Sauvignon BlancPinot Grigio or Chenin Blanc

Bell Peppers: Sauvignon BlancCabernet Sauvignon

Grilled Pineapple: Riesling

Grilled Corn With Butter: Chardonnay


For Grilled Fish

Salmon: ChardonnayRoséPinot Gris

Trout: ChardonnaySauvignon Blanc


For Grilled Chicken

ChardonnaySauvignon BlancRoséPinot Noir


For Sausages

Sausages: RieslingPinot NoirZinfandel


Hot Dogs: Pinot NoirRoséMalbec


For Beefy Burgers

Hamburgers: Pinot NoirRoséMalbec, Bergamais, Cabernet Sauvignon


For Pork

Shoulder: MalbecRoséPinot Noir


For Lamb

MalbecPinot Noir


For Lobster

ChardonnaySauvignon BlancRosé


For Other Burgers

Veggie burger: Sauvignon BlancChardonnay, MalbecRoséPinot Noir

Turkey burger: RoséPinot Noir


For Steak



For Brisket


Happy grilling!





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 Party Time!


Pairing Your Wine with Popcorn

Movie Night In??. You can never have enough popcorn and wine. Perfect wine parings with your favourite popcorn. Who knew!

Buttered Popcorn: Pair with a buttery wine, our En Primeur Winery Series Chile Chardonnay, or our Cru International California Chardonnay style will make great companions.


Caramel corn: Pair with a sweet wine, like our Cru Specialty Riesling Style Dessert Wine.


Cheddar or Parmesan Popcorn: The strong cheese flavours require a robust wine, such as our En Primeur Winery Series Australia Cabernet Sauvignon, or Italy Zinfandel.


Spicy Popcorn: For flavours with heat like cajun, chipotle, jalapeño flavours, pair them with our En Primeur Winery Series Germany Riesling Gewürtztraminer or our Cru International Müller-Thurgau Style. If you’d prefer a red, pair with our En Primeur Winery Series Winemakers Trio Red or En Primeur Winery Series Australia Pinot Noir.


Dark Chocolate Popcorn: This popcorn calls for a pairing with a decadent dessert wine, like our Cru Specialty Premium Dessert Wine.


Global Spices: With curry, harissa and other strong spices, pair with our Cru International Ontario Sauvignon Blanc style wine. Rosé is another option, you can try pairing with our Cru International French Rosé style.


Kettle Corn: Try an off-dry/semi-dry (slightly sweet) or sweet wine, like our Cru Select Germany Style Riesling Traminer.


Milk Chocolate Popcorn: Pair this with a port wine, like our Cru Specialty Premium Dessert Wine.

Salted Caramel or Chocolate: A dry sparkling wine makes for a great pairing, or our Cru Specialty Premium Dessert Wine.


Truffle Popcorn: The earthiness of the truffles will pair well with an earthy wine, like our En Primeur Winery Series Australia Pinot NoirSpain Grenache Syrah, or our Restricted Quantities 2018 Spain Tempranillo.


White Chocolate Popcorn: Dessert wines are the perfect pairing, try with our Cru Specialty Vidal Style dessert wine.