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Paul and Alison Rowe opened Luscious Wines in October 1999, and before then had been making their own wine at a local establishment for several years. The product was adequate, but the experience was boring. Winemaking and bottling should be fun, enjoyable and entertaining... certainly not boring.

As fate would have it, both Alison and Paul were at a crossroads in their current careers and looking for something new.  Why not open a Craft Winemaking Store and make wine with happy, fun people who love wine as much as we do? A couple of glasses of wine in the hot tub, some planning... and presto, a dream became a reality. 

To guarantee excellence, Alison and Paul are pleased to offer a complete line of 8-week Ultra Premium, 6-week, 5-week and 4-week kits. We have the wines for your cellar. 

Paul, a certified International Sommelier Guild Sommelier, would welcome the opportunity to confer and discuss your luscious wine preferences. He would also be happy to give you a “Luscious Wino 101” winery store tour and explain the various stages juice goes through to become luscious wine. 

We are fun, happy people who love the wine experience. We welcome our customers into our store kitchen to enjoy their own crafted wines and to “Experience the Difference” and “Bottle the Experience”