Since 1999, Luscious Wines Fruit of the Vine has offered the highest quality grape juices and concentrated grape juices available, supplied to us exclusively by R.J. Spagnol's, the largest, most successful and respected 'wine kit' producer in Canada.

We are proud to have been chosen as one of the top 100 Craft Winemaking Retailers in Canada, and are honouired to be recognized as the only RJ Spagnols Craft Winemaking Academy Retailer in London. This is in recognition of "consistently high standards of quality and service in the consumer-made winemaking industry to improve and refine craft winemaking for our patrons." 


Did you know?

There are some 20 million acres of grapes planted across the world; grapes are ranked as the worlds number 1 fruit crop thanks to this number. 

There are some 10000 varieties of wine grapes which are grown across the world. It takes some 4 years before a newly planted grape vine will be ready to be harvested and the grapes made into wine. 

There are approximately 75 grapes in a cluster.

1 grape cluster will make approximately 1 glass of wine.

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Welcome and Cheers from Luscious Wines, Fruit of the Vine, your award-winning neighbourhood winery since 1999! Owners Alison & Paul and their team invite you to drop in to enjoy a personalized winemaking experience. Let us show you how to make your own award- winning wines from a complete selection of quality kits. All of our wines have our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer all-inclusive pricing, with peel & stick customizable labels. Find out why friends refer their friends.

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The Glad Hatter's story is as unusual as the Hatter himself. Some say he roamed the countryside entertaining people with his antics, and that he carried a secret stash of delicious wine he kept tucked under his enormous top hat. Others say his hat was magic, and that the he used it to conjure wine for friendly villagers he encountered in his travels. But no matter his story, everyone agrees on one thing - the Glad Hatter's wine was always wonderful. Now, you can enjoy these delicious varieties too. 

Each kit contains 9 litres of grape juice and grape juice concentrate. This makes 23 litres, or approximately 30 bottles, of finished wine. The red varietals come with 2lbs of grape skins to enhance the body, flavour and colour of the wine.